Polar Bear with Seal (automata)

A hungry polar bear fails to reach the fish held in the naughty seal’s mouth. Everytime the polar bear tries to catch the fish, the seal will sink back into the water and tease the poor, hungry polar bear.
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Running Triceratops

I like dinosaurs very much. I used to spend a whole month reading books of various dinosaurs in the library, just to create dinosaur-themed works....
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Flying Sea Turtle

When the film spreads through the webs, it shows that a plastic straw pulled out from the poor turtle's nostrils, which used its misfortune to slightly change the world.
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Running Rhino

I really like the rhinoceros, its sharp corners on the nose and the armor-like skin, making it like a monster from the Middle Ages, like an armored car with four legs, really a cool animal. So the rhino became the first design in my [Running Animals] series...
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Formosan Macaques

I designed Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques to celebrate the coming of a new year, and I hope to use this opportunity to draw attention for Formosan macaques in Taiwan...
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Flying Fish

Flying fish live in the warm waters of the tropical and subtropical surface waters...
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