Amao Chan,
Here is my 3D artwork exhibition space. I’m trying to run this website by publishment. All you see here are the proficient artworks made by my recently years. Besides, there are some paid and free artworks which can be downloaded. I’m still working hard on expanding everything here, all works here have been kept on modifying to be optimized. With more accurate precision, any 3D printers could print out the works successfully, but FDM model is preferable. Hope everyone could have fun here and feel free to download for printing.


Frankenstein is the work of British writer Mary Shelley. It has been published for more than 200 years since 1818 , and it still inspires people’s reflection….


The excavator was my favorite when I was a kid. I like to watch the excavator under construction on the side of the road and appreciate its dynamic dynamics. It is like a huge robot arm. The excavator is really cool!

The elephant stepped on the trunk lying on the ground and looked up and roared. It frightened the squirrel family. The squirrel seemed to be begging the elephant to stop! The squirrel’s home was about to collapse!


When the film spreads through the webs, it shows that a plastic straw pulled out from the poor turtle’s nostrils, which used its misfortune to slightly change the world.

 Many people have begun to take the initiative about stop using the plastic straws, and some chain restaurants have no longer offer the plastic straws to their customers. As the matter of fact, it is not just straws that would harm the turtles in the ocean! Marine debris, plastic bags, fishing hooks, abandoned fishing nets, etc. also lead turtles to death. The rapid development of science and technology have created many substances that should not exist in our nature; Unfortunately, most species are not evolving fast enough to catch up with us. These sea turtles are typical examples. They don’t have enough ability to distinguish the jellyfish they love from those plastic bags that might kill them, therefore, It’s much more important that we should think about our nature when we’re trying to get anything further progressed.

pangolins now are facing critical crisis as they are closing to extinct. In fact, humans are the murderers of this disaster, superstition and greed are the main reason to cause this massacre.
Pangolins, the mammals covered in tough and overlapping scales, are actually far from aggressive. Their scales provide good defense against predators in wild. However, they’re considered the world’s most hunted animal because people believe that the meat is prized for medicinal ingredient and the scales help curl impotence…

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