Please observe the following terms when downloading Amao Chan Design

The purchased file is limited to printing rights.

• A copy of the file readable by the 3D printer can be copied.
• Do not put files in the cloud or available for download.
• The file may not be used for commercial purposes without my written consent.
• Files may not be resold, transferred, leased, or reauthorized.
• Do not modify the file content or file name.
• Loss or damage to the file is no longer reissued.
• The file cannot be refunded or returned.

Printed objects produced by Amao Chan digital files

• Individual users can publicly display 3D prints,photos, and videos. The following message must be displayed when displaying. [3D models designed by Amao Chan]
• The printed product may not be used for commercial purposes without authorization.
• Due to the difference between the printer and the printed materials, the printed results are not guaranteed to have the same results as the images displayed on this website.

• Contact me for a collective authorization when using for teaching.
• For commercial use, contact me for authorization.

• The right to modify the terms is reserved. [The terms are subject to change without notice]



  • 所購買檔案僅限於列印權利。
  • 可以複製一份3D列印機可讀之文件備份。
  • 不得把檔案放在雲端或可供下載空間。
  • 未獲得本人書面同意時不得將檔案用於商業用途。
  • 不得將檔案轉賣、 轉送、 租借、 再授權 。
  • 不得修改檔案內容及檔名。
  • 檔案遺失或毀損不再補發。
  • 檔案不可退費、退貨。

由Amao Chan數位檔案所產生列印物件

  • 個人使用者可公開展示列印物、列印物圖片、列印影片,展示時必須標示下方訊息
    【 3D models designed by Amao Chan】
  • 未取得授權不得將列印成品用於商業用途。
  • 因列印機及列印材料差異,列印成果不保證可獲得與本網站展示圖片相同結果。
  • 用於教學使用時請與我聯絡以取得團體授權。
  • 商業性使用請與我聯絡以取得授權。
  • 保留修改條款權力。【條款修改時不另行通知】