Penguin by the Anchor

Human rarely hunted penguins directly, but slowly starved them to death. Commercial large-scale capture of krill had made penguins to face undernourishment. Businessmen capture them for the rich krill omega-3s! Krill is the basis of the Antarctic food chain, including emperor penguins, Adelie penguins, blue whales, and various albatrosses feed on krill.
If there’s no krill at the south Pole, the natural ecosystem will be collapsed and penguins will be the biggest victim! The research team believes that industrial-scale capturing is one of the greatest threats to krill in Antarctic ocean. If commercial practices of krill are not stopped, the number of penguins in the near future may be reduced by 1/3.

In fact, we don’t need to grab the penguins’ food because omega-3 is widely found in human daily, such as fish, nuts, seaweed, etc. Do not be deceived by the commercial interests and the gimmicks! Do not buy krill products! It’s not your health that you spend money on, but poor and helplessness for the lives of the penguins.

The design of this penguin has been completed for some time. When I learned about the crisis facing by the penguins, I hope people pay attention to this matter and reminded by my work! I then designed an ice floe with anchors hanging to clearly understand that the penguins have been invaded excessively by human. When you print this work and share the printed results, please remember to use your anchored ice floe to tell your friends that penguins in the Antarctic ocean are facing human damage!

Thanks SpiderMaker for sponsoring the creation of this work

Material used: SpiderMaker PLA
Matt black, extinction white, orange, warm white, original leather

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