Flying Fish

Flying fish live in the warm waters of the tropical and subtropical surface waters. They live in groups and have a habit of swim. They are mainly fed with zooplankton, but they are also an important food source for a large migratory fish. In the spring, with the Kuroshio northward, it is one of the important fish species in Taiwan’s fisheries. It is also a species of the traditional cultural significance of the natives of Orchid Island in the southeastern Taiwan.

Orchid Island is known as the “Hometown of Flying Fish". The island’s indigenous Dao (Tao) has an inseparable relationship with the flying fish. When the black tide passes through Orchid Island, it brings the flying fish which is the beginning of the Orchid Island flying fish season. Flying fish is one of the traditional foods of the Dawu people. The Dawu people have strict traditional norms for catching the flying fish. During the season, Dawu men stopped capturing deep sea and the benthic fish, and only used manpower to draw a boat to catch them. From the perspective of modern marine conservation, in a such cultural traditions have the effect of restoring deep-sea benthic fish and coral reef fish. In recent years, with the effort to promote the flying fish season in various parts of Taiwan have resulted in excessive commercial fishing. What is worse, is that a large number of flying fish eggs are used for consumption and export. Flying fish eggs are exported to Japan in the name of “Marine Gold", and some are sold to the EU. The sales volume has reached 40 containers per year. However, this behavior severely broke the chance of flying fish, resulting in a decrease of number of flying fish. Under the temptation of commercial interests, people seen to ignore the importance of sustainable marine operations. The Dawu people have controlled over flying fish and marine resources, by not over-capturing, and integrate the concept of marine conservation into inheritance and life, ensuring that the future generations can continue to enjoy marine resources. May everyone learn from them. The way to the ocean.

[Flying Fish] is the most difficult design after my [Pangolin]. In the works, I combine three elements, the flying fish that fly upwards, the tortoise of the Dawu people, the boat eye, and the pedestal with the wave rolling shape. In the process of designing creation, with all the shapes, mechanisms, material resilience, combination procedures, printing optimization, etc., must be carefully considered. Since every factor affects each other, all parts need to be coordinated. The flying fish can take off normally. Although the process takes a lot of effort, I enjoy this kind of creative fun.

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