Save Pangolins

Pangolins now are facing critical crisis as they are closing to extinct. In fact, humans are the murderers of this disaster, superstition and greed are the main reason to cause this massacre.
Pangolins, the mammals covered in tough and overlapping scales, are actually far from aggressive. Their scales provide good defense against predators in wild. However, they’re considered the world’s most hunted animal because people believe that the meat is prized for medicinal ingredient and the scales help curl impotence.
Nowadays, the numbers of pangolins are less and less, some people eat them only for the reason of showing their ostentatious wealth, what they do to these helpless animals is to make them approach to endangered. Although International trade in pangolins has been banned by CITES since 2000; and are listed them as ‘protected species’ in most Asian home states, scaly anteaters are still threaten with smuggling and poaching. Pangolins’ disappear would not be the result we expect to see, only when strictly implement of law enforcement on punishing these poachers and pangolin-eaters would effectively bring down the crisis of extinction. This is our latest chance to save pangolins, and please never make science predictions come true.

Pangolin is a really skillful and difficult work that I have spent a lot of time on it. It has been passed at least six editions before presenting to all of you. What I was trying to challenge is an artwork with both perfect appearance and function. It was a little struggle for me to share this work at the beginning since I’ve fallen in love with it when it’s first done and stood in front of me. At this moment, what I am wondering more is to let you firsthand it, holding and feeling the variation with actions. Enjoy and I believe you’ll like it.



Save pangolins by amaochan is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives license.

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完成後的穿山甲身長約24公分(1:1列印),全身可以一體列印成型(四肢除外),全身17個關節在列印完成後,就可以自然轉動,這是模具生產所做不到的。列印時完全不用設定支撐,因為每一個面與角度都經過仔細思考,只希望能達到最佳化的列印。為了讓穿山甲能夠維持捲曲狀,設計了專屬的台座,並在台座上寫上我的呼籲: Save Pangolins ! 這樣的作品才能完整的表達我的感受。




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