Running Triceratops

I like dinosaurs very much. I used to spend a whole month reading books of various dinosaurs in the library, just to create dinosaur-themed works. The Triceratops is my favorite kind of dinosaur. The three sharp corners on the head and the shield-like structure on the head look like giant beasts ready to fight. It’s really cool. The Running Triceratops is one of the series of [Running Animals] that I designed. The common feature of the [Running Animals] series is that you can run down the slope of about 10 degrees, swing back and forth when running downhill, and ticking like a metronome, it looks very interesting. The [Running Animals] series also includes rhinoceros, polar bears and brontosaurus.

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我很喜歡恐龍,我曾經花一整個月在圖書館內閱讀各種恐龍的書籍,只為了創作恐龍主題的作品。三角龍是我最喜歡的一種恐龍,它頭上的三支尖角和頭頂盾牌狀的構造,看起來就像準備作戰的巨獸,真得很酷。跑步三角龍是我設計的【跑步動物】系列作品之一。【跑步動物】系列作品的共同特色是,能順著約10度斜坡向下跑步,跑下坡時還會前後搖擺,同時像節拍器一樣發出滴答聲響,看起來十分有趣。【跑步動物】系列作品還包含了犀牛、 北極熊和雷龍。



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