Running Rhino

I really like the rhinoceros, its sharp horn and the armor-like skin, making it like a monster from the Middle Ages, like an armored car with four legs, really a cool animal. So the rhino became the first design in my Running Animals series. The Running Animals series features a slow running down the slope of about 10 degrees, swinging back and forth when running downhill, and ticking like a metronome. It looks very interesting. The Running Animals series also includes polar bears, triceratops, and brontosaurus, and will be released in the future.

Rhino Robot
Paper Running Rhino

Running Rhino  originated from the paper DIY I designed for ⟪Young Scientist Monthly⟫ in 2014. I redesigned it in 2015 and changed it to 3D printing. I love this 3D printed version of the rhino head design. I also applied this head design to my robot design.

In order to reduce the difficulty of making  Running Rhino , I pay special attention to the slope of each structure of the part, so most parts can be printed without support. This reduces material usage and reduces printing time. I also draw assembly program diagrams and film assembly videos, hoping to make it easy for all makers to run Running Rhino .

The running rhino has a process to adjust the center of gravity in the combination. If there is a scaling print, it is necessary to change the counterweight .

Download- $7.8





ps. 跑步犀牛在組合過程需調整重心,若有縮放列印就必需改變配重的重量。



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